Otters n’ Frens is a gaming NFT project, comprising two NFT collections. Gen1 Otters, which hold their own as our genesis collection, and Gen2 Mutant Otters, which will mark our expansion into the Metaverse.

A bulleted outline of Gen1 & Gen2 utilities


  • Revenue sharing from our F2P mobile game (exclusive to Gen1 holders)
  • Raffle-style reward system
  • P2E blockchain integration via partner projects Metaverses/ Play-to-Mint
  • Staking


  • Metaverse integration
  • Functions to reduce Otter Gen1 supply by 20-40%
  • Holders of both Gen1 and Gen2 receive higher revenue allocations from our F2P mobile game.
  • Staking

Our Vision

The team for Otters n’ Frens recognizes the impact gaming has on many of our lives, and at the same time, being gamers ourselves, we see how gaming can provide a foundational bridge to onboard the general public to the greater NFT space. What’s more, following our blockchain integration, we will be introducing P2E mechanics as well as an innovative Play-to-Mint feature, which will allow you to build your own unique avatars and play them in-game.

With that being said, you may ask yourself why are they going the free-to-play route before play-to-earn?
This is for a few reasons. One, because we believe focusing too much on the tokenomics and defi aspects of a blockchain game limits creativity when developing the game itself. Games should be fun, no? Therefore, if we want to onboard normies to the NFT space, we must provide a fun, educational environment for them to get well acquainted with the way we do things.

Secondly, building a successful F2P mobile game in collaboration with other successful studios is a step in the right direction towards fashioning ourselves as a real-world brand. We won’t just be another silly little nft project trying to build a game.

Lastly, given that our F2P mobile game will not focus on P2E mechanics, we can thus introduce more educational elements to the game, which will play a crucial role in the onboarding process of the normies.

Regarding our Metaverse integration, we passionately believe that partnering with prominent Metaverse projects will provide us a good foothold in the Solana NFT ecosystem. Increasingly so, human beings are spending more time online, exploring, meeting people, falling in love, and building. We see certain Metaverses in the Solana NFT ecosystem, such as AiternateNFT, as pioneering the way towards providing a utility based virtual environment whereby people can truly coexist and build together. Therefore, by providing absolutely jaw dropping 3D avatars for people to embody for a given time, we place ourselves right in the heart and soul of what it means to experience a digital self.

Gen2: 3D Mutant Otters

3D Mutant Otters will be our upcoming Gen2 collection. The mint itself is projected to burn 20-40% of Otter Gen1’s, greatly reducing its total available supply. We decided to create a fully rigged, 3D Mutant Collection because one, we have the resources to do so, and two, Metaverse integration is the way of the future. This is our way of providing a particular target audience in the Solana NFT community a means of expressing their online identities all while creating a foothold for ourselves through our various partnerships.

3D Mutant Otters will initially be available to play inside AiternateNFT’s spaceship Metaverse. Following our character and game integration, we will branch out to other Metaverses whereby Mutant Otters will be a highly sought-after avatar, playable and fully capable of exploring your favorite Metas.

Gen1: Otters n’ Frens

Gen1 Otters will forever take precedence in our hearts. This is our genesis collection, and the community and culture we have developed surrounding this collection will serve as the foundation upon which all future developments are built. The central utilities of this collection include revenue sharing from our F2P mobile game, our raffle-style reward system, and staking. Our F2P mobile game is currently being built by a seasoned game development studio, and once this game hits the app stores, we predict to perceive revenue from microtransactions, in-game purchases, ads, and ad free versions of the game.

With that being said, Gen1 Otter holders will possess partial ownership of the revenue generated from the F2P mobile game. The percentage allocation will be dependent on the number of Otters held in each unique wallet. Following the build out of our F2P mobile game and our final blockchain integration, we will introduce a staking mechanism whereby 100% of the revenue generated from the F2P game will be injected into the LP, along with a % primary/secondary sales of our Gen2 Mutants.

Project Features


  • F2P playable game demo ready pre-mint
  • 3D Mutant & default 3D Otter Gen1 Metaverse integration t

First a default 3D Mutant will be available for every Mutant holder to play in the Metaverse.

Following this, we will generate every playable avatar from the Mutant collection.

  • Build out F2P game

A part of our game build out, we will allocate a large % of mint funds to marketing our gaming brand.

  • Raffle-style rewards for both Gen1 and Gen2 holders

This is simple. Hold an Otter, get entered into our weekly hodler raffles. We will sweep a floor of a project voted on by our holders, and we will distribute those NFTs to the holders.

  • Allocate an appropriate % of Gen2 mint funds to LP for staking


  • Expand Metaverse partnerships

This is essential as during this time we will be expanding our partnerships to increase the Otters n’ Frens’ reach and notability. We are beginning with AiternateNFT, but we will not stop there.

  • Discuss holder ownership of F2P revenue
  • F2P mobile game hits the app stores

By this time, our gaming brand will be established in various NFT communities, which will provide us a stable foundation from which we will build out into mainstream markets.

  • Design tokenomics & a staking platform for Gen1 & Gen2

We are actively working with the Lion Cats devs to bring you the most efficient staking platform for our purposes. Given that Plexoo is on the Otters n’ Frens team, all staking development will be done in-house. A detailed Tokenomics plan will be available PRE-MINT.


  • Allocate 100% of F2P game revenue to LP for staking

This staking platform will function as the primary means by which we distribute game revenue to our holders

  • Token launch & implementation of our v.1 staking platform
  • Integrate F2P game assets into the blockchain/ Metaverse integration
  • Introduce P2E mechanisms, Play-to-Mint features

Here is the fun part. We initially wanted to build a game whereby players can actively collect tokens through overcoming various challenges, burn tokens to acquire traits, and use those traits to build/mint their own NFT Avatars. Hence, our P2E game will emphasize a unique Play-to-Mint feature.

  • Merge our v.1 staking platform with our P2E blockchain game, producing our v.2 staking platform.