Who the f^ck are they?

An outbreak has occurred, and 1,500 Mutant Otters have been spotted at the edge of your city. News of a mad scientist, Dr. Ott, has been circulating throughout town. He’s crazed, sometimes running around without clothes, holding glowing green vials saying, “The end is near!! I have perfected it! You are doomed, I say!! The river will be mine!!”. Unfortunately, normal Otters can sometimes be a bit lazy, so nobody has caught him yet… What happens next?

Uhh, what do these… mutants do exactly?

Mutant Otters: EVO is a rabid, and sometimes fanatical, gang of 3D avatars. Upon their generation, Dr. Ott made sure each and every Mutant was brewed to absolute perfection, ready to invade your favorite metaverse. In the beginning, they will first invade AiternateNFT’s spaceship metaverse, plotting to spread Dr. Ott’s toxic philosophy. Oh, and they are stacking up tokens and playing games during their free time (when they aren’t chewing on your poor grandmother’s brains, of course).